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May 16, 2013
We have 3 adult ducks and 5 ducklings. They've been kept desperate but when the time comes
To put them together they will be moving into a brand new pen. Should I put the adult ducks into the pen first, then the babies a little later, or vice versa or just put them in all together? Thanks!
How old are the ducklings and do you have adult males? I have put female adults with ducklings, but not adult males. The males tend to want to mate with the ducklings, and they are too young. Best to wait until they are fully grown and keep them separate before say 15 to 17 weeks of age.
I have two females and a male. Unsure on the ducklings at this point. They are only about five weeks old but I'm just trying to figure out what lies ahead. :) thank you for your advice! My male kind of scares me a little. He's protective of his females with the chickens, doesn't do anything but hiss (he's a Muscovy) but I want them all to get along so I'm trying to figure out the best way possible!
I don't have any experience with males, but I have 3 adult ducks that I just introduced my 5 9-week old ducklings to. Do you have a yard or larger area you could put them in when they first meet? I would hesitate about putting them in a pen together at first as the older ducks may try to pick on the younger ones and could trap them and gang up on them. The first few meetings for our ducks were highly supervised, in an open area (the backyard that is fenced in). The older ducks were ready to establish pecking order right away and would chase the little ones if they got too close, and pull feathers out if they could catch them. I currently have them in side-by-side pens when they are locked up. They are getting used to being around each other, but I'm not comfortable leaving them alone together just yet. If I were you, I'd just take it slowly and don't get discouraged if it takes awhile for them all to warm up to each other. They will get there eventually. It's only been a week or so for ours and already they are getting more comfortable together.

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