Introducing girls to an early garden


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Jul 13, 2011
I am in Austin, Texas and this is my first spring season with my girls. I have a large garden that is fairly established...lots of squash, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers are on the vine, just not ready for harvest. Basil is everywhere as are marigolds. I have a squash bug problem that is devastating my eggplant and I am interested to see if the girls will take them out...but how do i get them into my garden without destroying all that I am growing? I have bean sprouts popping up right now as well as young (no flowers but good growth) onions, okra, corn, watermelon and cantelope plants?

I got my girls initially in hopes for a bug free garden, but now I am terrified to let them in there! Advice from fellow gardeners MUCH appreciated!


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You'll find different reports among people with different experiences. In our case, no way. We find the chickens become too "familiar" with the garden too quickly and make it their own. They'd dig, dust bathe, eat anything and everything they like and what they like is quite a bit. They'd mow off the lettuce, cabbage family plants, pick at blossoms, and generally reduce the garden to bare earth, within a week or two.

We keep them out.

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