Introducing Hens to New Coop and Introducing Chicks to Existing


7 Years
Oct 29, 2012
Como, NC
Hi, I am introducing my chickens to a new coop, with an increase in our flock, the old one wasn't large enough. They don't seen to be very happy, very vocal. I 'm hoping the change has just got them temporarily uncomfortable.

Also, I will be introducing 6 new chicks to the fold soon. Is there a better time than others to perform this task with the shock of a new coop still fresh in their minds? I have reds and they are normally very docile, no roosters (I guess that's me). The new ones are Reds also. The older chickens have pecked on them when I introduced them on warm days. No blood or feather loss.

Any input is appreciated. Chickens are cool. Should have started this sooner. Lots of Fun.
I have reds Also they like to stay in the coop for about three days without letting them out till they get used to the new coop also you should separate the older ones from the younger ones with a screen or some kind of mesh so they can see and hear the other chickens and get used to each other have fun I hope this works

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