Introducing Juveniles


Dec 18, 2018
South Carolina
We have four 3-4 month hens and a cockerel of the same age. The cockerel is a bantam, cause we had a problem with the bigger roosters. Anyway, we already have 5 fully grown standard sized year old hens. These hens have had a rooster before, he teared up their backs and he was aggressive so we got rid of him. I’m kinda worried, one of the hens is a silkie so she won’t be free ranging, she’s almost pure white and i’m kind of worried for her. We have a tiny tiny bantam hen whose a polish mix of some sort, she’s maybe a quarter the size of the standard hens and i’m also worried for her. Will they be ok? How should I introduce them? The big hens have seen and come in contact with them on numerous occasions, usually on accident. The hens have pecked at them but never actually attacked. Pics of the two babies i’m worried for.


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It won't be easy because all of the chickens are of the same size, therefore the older ones will try to dominate the younger ones, especially the smaller sizes.

Your only possible strategy is to provide plenty of space, including vertical escapes such as higher perches and platforms. A simple card table in the run with food and water on it can help the youngsters with a safe refuge where they can eat in peace.

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