Introducing Lulu and Oreo!


6 Years
Apr 20, 2013
Hello All,

We are new to backyard chickens but when I was a kid I had some chickens so my mother thought it would be a great idea to get her granddaughter and grandson a couple for this past Easter. Although my wife wasn't thrilled at first with my mother's decision (since we are not allowed to have them in our neighborhood) she is warming up to them. We purchased a small coop which I'll post pics of later but today I took a pics of the chicks on our patio furniture for my avatar (more pics of the chicks to come). We are excited about the new additions to the family and hope that neither one is a rooster! Oreo is a barred rock and Lulu is suppose to be a Americuana (both are suppose to be hens according to grandma). I look forward to posting more pics later on and reading up on all of the good information you have here on this site.

Greetings from Kansas, Marco, and
! Happy you joined our community! Congrats on Lulu and Oreo. Enjoy BYC!
Thanks for the very warm welcome, we really appreciate it! We are in Richmond, TX and I also hope grandma knows best because if one is a roo we will have to find it a good home :) far I think we are good but only time will truely tell. Thanks again!
Lulu and Oreo update...I think they are 6-7 weeks old now. I'm still hoping grandma picked two hens...any thoughts?
Another pic of Oreo now that she decided to get up and stop rolling around in the dirt...

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