Introducing Mr. Blue Buns!

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  1. CoturnixComplex

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    Nov 16, 2018
    Or, how CC learned she needs to bunny-proof the yard before walks. My new Flemish baby has more personality than the rest of my rabbits rolled into one but also more energy for mischief!

    Try to trap me?! Imma dig out.

    Mom ur tryin to trick me this is a ribbon I bet I could chew through it.

    Ooh, this also definitely looks like something I should bite.

    How did you know zip ties were my favorite?

    The troublemaker is safely back inside with an actually edible treat and appears remorselessly adorable. :lau


    Bonus Princess Fiona, who is still not sure about this outdoor thing.
  2. cleoandtheflock

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    Jan 16, 2019
    He is adorable and so is Fiona:love
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  3. They're adorable, I love that little bent ear-tip in the last photo (that isn't Fiona!) :)

    Can I ask a question? How did/do your rabbits tolerate the harness and leash? I'm just curious because I've never tried it with mine before. I have one grumpy rabbit that might not tolerate a harness, but I have a very sweet girl that might be okay. Thanks. :)
  4. CoturnixComplex

    CoturnixComplex Crowing

    Nov 16, 2018
    Thank you guys! He just just a doll; he insistently boops my hand until I give him pets.

    Of my four rabbits, I've only tried the harness on these two. I need to do it with my other two also, but they're big heavy moody adult does that really want nothing to do with me so I've been putting it off.

    They really don't like having it put over their head/ears but then they're okay and mostly ignore it once it's on. Look for ones where you can easily slide the head hole huge and back again.
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  5. Aw, he sounds so sweet. :love

    And thank you for the reply. Did you find a specific rabbit harness or just one for maybe a cat?

    A long time ago we bought a harness for my first rabbit, but it was too small and my mom took it apart to fix it. It kind of got pushed to the back of the to-do list, never got finished, and I've never tried it since. I think it would be fun to take my rabbits on walks though. ;)
  6. chkva

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    Mar 20, 2015
    How do you prevent them from digging out? I really wanted to add rabbits to my mini farm, but I wasn't sure if I could keep them contained!

    They're absolutely adorable and that bent ear makes it even more adorable
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  7. CoturnixComplex

    CoturnixComplex Crowing

    Nov 16, 2018
    I don't! I made those for my quail. And then piled rocks along the outsides because even they dig out (albeit mostly accidentally while they're sandbathing). Bunnies go in for mere minutes at a time while I'm currently gardening and only with harnesses attached so they're easier to nab if they manage to get out (and into the stone garden bed with ~2 ft walls to slow them down).

    It really was cute. It was a show fault so I guess it's for the best, but I honestly wouldn't have minded if it stuck around.
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  8. mixedUPturk

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    May 28, 2015
    Zachary, LA
    I almost asked on the hatch a long yhread which breed of bunnies you raise and if you show glad i looked this up. Theyre really cute!
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  9. CoturnixComplex

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    Nov 16, 2018
    Thank you! All the rest of my rabbits are actually mixed breeds for my broken blue rex-coated, mandolin-shaped meat-mutt project. Fiona is strictly a pet (wrong color for everything I'm doing, and she was a "whoopsie" mom/son breeding from previous owner and I want to preserve my ability to linebreed myself without compromising genetic integrity), but I've also got her mom "Susie,", a broken black F1 rex/flemish, and her (Susie's) no name (yet; she deserves one) himilayan rex/flemish/CA/NZ daughter who is a whopping beefy 12 lbs.

    I am hopefully getting one of @Sara L 's little half-rex chinchilla babies.

    And I have an F1 rex / american blue doe I'm hopefully picking up once she weans her 11(!) babies.

    This guy is hopefully going to get shown (beginning at the ARBA convention in Oct - AHHHH intimidating), but there's still a good chance there's DQ's I am missing. Hopefully I can get some good feedback on his shape either way. Apparently people do that intentionally with DQ's all the time. I know that rusty on his forehead is going to be a big mark off but I have no clue what else I'm missing.

    He has grown half a lb in the last week, I swear :eek:
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  10. crazy4ChickensNducks

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    Dec 16, 2018
    west, michigan
    Love the ears!
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