Introducing myself?


Aug 2, 2019
I live in the middle of cornfields but don't own the farm, but I've always had large gardens. I get wild hairs on occasion, which over the years has led to having ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, dogs, cats,& who knows what else, but rarely at the same time. -except dogs. They're my constant companions. I'm getting older than I care to be, have grandkids & more on the way-usually have atleast one w/me.
I like learning new things, try to find natural solutions. Enter the guinea keets, which was how I really introduced myself, in a panic because my fuzzy little babies were dropping dead by the hour. Literally.
Why guineas? 2 birds theory on my husband's part. He's the kind of guy that brings home a bush instead of flowers. I love birds, have wanted one for a long time. I hate ticks, & they seem to get worse every year. So see, 2 birds-guineas to eat the ticks, guineas to fulfill the want of a bird. Lol. I'm kind of sad to read that they are so independent, as my ducks used to sit on my lap &follow me around. But I do spend a lot of time w/this crew, & they do quiet when I talk to them, like their bellies and necks rubbed,& fairly tolerate having their vents & feet cleaned. So we'll see.
Welcome! I love your intro information. You sound amazing and so does your hubby! I told mine a long time ago: "Thanks for the flowers but next time just bring me the plant." That was a few years and many plants ago.

I hope you find all the info you need here at BYC anf meet some wonderful people along the way.

Warning: BYC tends to prompt the excelerated growth of wild hairs! Just a heads up!

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