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May 16, 2021
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hi my name is Aiden I have 3 ducks and love ducks I have 2 black Swedish and 1 silver Swedish i remember the time I got delievered from my uncle 2 Swedish ducks and 1 Cayuga I raise them until their older and 1 dies I stick to what I have and keep raising them but than the Cayuga one dies I’m left with one black Swedish and get a silver Swedish from a farm my 3rd duck comes from an incubator I have the duckling right now and it imprinted on me it’s 33 days old and I give it alot of attention I plan on getting them to group up when it’s older when it’s a 3 duck group it’s official but when I’m older I plan on raising wild life and having a farm
Welcome to BYC! Could you send us a picture of your silver swedish duck. There my favorite color of Swedish ducks and I would love to see a picture of it.

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