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6 Years
Sep 6, 2013
Richmond, Virginia
Hello all; new to posting on the forum but have been getting a lot of education from the group since I started my first backyard flock in May. I have 3 (2 barred rocks, 1 australorp) pullets in the backyard now and 5 two week olds in the brooder inside (2 RIR, 1 speck. sussex, 2 silkies); a bit of a victim to chicken math! I continue to be amazed by these amazing creatures, they have such a presence. I'm expecting my first eggs by October and find myself going into the coop to add this or that, like I'm nesting not the chickens. I continue to read everything about chickens I can get and am just soaking it all up.
I started with 6....ended up with 18! Gotta love chicken math. :)
Hi im from east texas. And i have. Hens and three roosters . The rooster are very aggresive . Im not new to raise. Hens but i find that i have this problem . The rooster attack anything and everything . Iis their a certain number of rooster . You have. Oh im also new here .
Welcome to BYC from West TN ! Started with 6 lost a few the first day or two added 12 more, now 60+. Dang that Chicken math..

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