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Major Buff Orpington

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9 Years
Jun 6, 2010
Hi Everyone,
I've just bought a young Barnevelder hen (about 17 weeks old) to add to the coop which already contains two Maran hens. They are free range and seem to be more or less OK when they're out foraging. However if they're all in the run together the two original hens just beat up the new gal something terrible. I've now separated them and keep the older two in a separate area from the new one although they can see each other. It's been almost a week now and I wondered if anyone knows if this is normal and if it will eventually settle down. I know girls can be grump but this is brutality!!!

Anyone got any advice? All gratefully received!
I always get two birds at a time, so now I have a flock of 8 "pairs" but avoided the most drama since every new bird had a buddy. When you add just one, she wants to be with the others, and they're mean to her. Providing her own buddy gives her someone to pal around with so that she doesn't get beat up from trying to join. After a couple of weeks, it all settles down.

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