Introducing new chickens after a dog attack...

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  1. blythefike

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    Nov 8, 2010
    Yesterday a neighborhood dog attacked our two 3 mo old chickens. One was killed, the other got away but has been seriously distraught since. She alternately sits on their roost and calls for her friend and wanders around our yard with low, sad "where are you?!" cries.

    After some good advice on another forum, we went out and got 2 new chicks yesterday, slightly younger, but old enough to sleep in the coop. Last night I put them in the coop and they all slept together fine. A bit of pecking went on this morning, but nothing bad. Our lone chicken is mainly hanging by herself, crying, or going up to their roost to sit... and, I assume, wait for her friend to return.

    A few times a saw her charge the new little ones... just to hustle them back under the bush they were sitting in, etc. Still pecking a bit.. nothing vicious.

    I mainly think she is annoyed at the replacements and seems to be saying... "Who are you guys? Go away!"

    Anyway, I am feeling sad for this lonely girl. Any suggestions on helping her to socialize with the newbies?

    Blythe in So Cal
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    Give them time.

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