Introducing new chickens, beginers question


10 Years
Dec 21, 2009
New Hampshire
Hey all.
So I have two hens living with a friend right now since
I am in the process of moving. My friend (the one who has my hens)
has a large flock of chickens. When Im done moving,
I'm obviously taking my girls back. When I get my new coop
built at my new home and get my two hens settled,
I'm going to be getting some new chickens.
(younger than one year old). I'll be done moving in a
few months. So my question is, should I keep my
older hens from the newer babies away from each other
for health reasons. I'm thinking about getting
the new chicks from a hathchery, local feed store,
or from an online service. (my pet

Thanks guys.
I would definitely keep them seperated if I were you. I have some older chicks (5 weeks) that I still won't introduce to my 1 week and 2 week olds. I can see them pecking the heck out of them and your older hens would be much bigger than a day old chick. I wouldn't chance it.
They will be much older than a day
I have been working on this and all is going pretty good, except the big hens won't let the small ones eat. If they are in the run together they are fine till one of the younger chicks tries to get food and I have several feeders in there... I have a small area where the little ones can get to that has food and water, the young ones are 2 months old now.

Any suggestions for this?????

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