introducing new peafowl? Help?


6 Years
Apr 21, 2013
I currently have 2 peahens and wanted to add a peacock in with them. They are 6 months old now & I found a peacock for sale who is about the same age as my girls. Here's my questions: is it better to get him now, since they are still young? Or is t ok to wait another 6 mo to 1 yr before adding a peacock with my girls? I am in the process of a home remodel and my husband would prefer I wait, but if sooner rather than later is better for my birds he is ok with that too! Any help / advice would be great!
Also, what's the best way to introduce?
They should get along fine if they are the same age. Introduce them by caging them next to each other so they get use to one another for a few days.

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