Introducing new quail


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5 Years
Apr 9, 2014
I recently just hatched 12 jumbo coturnix quail, they are about a week and half old now and have most of their breast feathers. I believe that they may all be hens(spotted chests) and was wondering how hard would it be to introduce 2-3 males once they mature. And how would I go about adding them to the group?
I make any additions at night. It just cuts down on the stress level. Coturnix really aren't that aggressive anyhow if given enough space and you keep the ratio of 1 to 4.
You won't have much luck running more than two roosters in small spaces and a lot of times 2 ends up not working out. If you are running two roos they need to have been raised together and you should try to keep at least 5-7 hens per rooster. Fertility lasts for a whole week after a bird is bred, so one rooster can easily keep 7 hens fertile.

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