introducing new rooster(s) at early age


8 Years
Apr 26, 2011
I have 29 BA's and it is beginning to look like I have 1 yes one rooster in the 29.... Gonna give em a few weeks to be sure but want to address this so I know.

I want fertile eggs and babies so I was thinking I want 3 rooster if I end up with 28 hens. I have read to introduce the new roos as early as possible to avoid conflict but I have a number of scenarios / questions.

1. get 2 more roos of the same age/size and introduce as early as possible....

2. wait until mine are a few months old and intro 2 younger roos? but will they make it?

3. Wait a few months and intro 2 older roos? hmmmm

Would 2 roos that already know each other be better or 2 strangers?

I feel like number one makes the most sense to me but would like opinions and ideas from you all.

Also if i cant find and BA roosters the right age do you all have any good cross suggestions for roosters? There are usually a decent selection floating around the area including marans, BR, ameraucana, RIR, Welsummer, brahma, Delawares etc and not limited to them. I want a pretty friendly with people, dual purpose chicken as many of the chicks will be for meat. If I end up with different roosters it would also be great if I could differentiate them from the pure BA's at birth?

Many thanks

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