Introducing "new" rooster to flock


10 Years
Jun 13, 2009
I lost my RI rooster last week, likely protecting my girls, and we picked up a new rooster yesterday. He's a little younger - about a month or so - than the girls (5) but they're not receptive to him. What's worse is that one of them keeps beating up on him! No blood, but she's mean to him. I just want to be reassured that as he grows he'll take the lead over the girls and they will accept him. Any thoughts?
dog cage in the coop for a while, the bigger the dog cage the longer the time can be spent in it. after 3 weeks in a large cage a few of my orp girls where still not being pleasent with the new comers. so we added daily meet and greet sessions where my husband broke up any fights. after a few days of that one or two orps where still not being pleasent. I stood outside the coop with a mini water pistal and squirted the hens with water when fights broke out. the hens finaly figured out that their shenagans would not be tolerated and settled down. two of the orps still dont like the new ones, but there is never any blood, wounds or screaming coming from the coop so I am ok with that.
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