Introducing pullets that are a week different in age?


May 17, 2015
Hi, with the discovery of one of our girls really being a boy we wanted to get our pullet number back up. My 3 right now are currently 8 weeks old. I'm looking to add two 7 week old girls. How should I go about introducing them all? My current birds have only been outside a couple times due to our terrible "spring" weather and only spent one night in the coop.

I'm picking up the new birds on Saturday. My thought was even though the weather is nice I will delay my current birds moving permanently into the coop until Saturday. I would place them in one by one, older pullet, new pullet, older pullet, new pullet, and finally my cockerel. I'm hoping that they are young enough (and the cockerel is the only pushy one) that the experience of being in the coop will be enough to distract from the fact there are new members. Does this sound reasonable???
Your approach will be fine - as long as you feel secure regarding the health of the new birds - if anything, you are overthinking it a bit.

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