Introducing rooster to flock with bantam rooster


May 11, 2019
Hi everyone, I have a friend who has 6 hens if random breed she just got less than 6 months ago. She has 1 bantam rooster in the flock. I have a bunch if roosters from an egg hatch we did and she was interested in getting one. My roosters are about 4mon old and are pure chocolate orpington. I have 4 if then and they kind of run the run but are not aggressive to me or my kids. She is worried adding a normal size rooster to her small flock with a bantam rooster would be dangerous for her bantam roo. Has any one introduced normal size roosters to a flock with a bantam roo before? Mine just started crowing a month ago or so so they aren't to old if that makes a difference
She has 5 acres they free roam and plans to get more hens. Not sure if the 5 acre makes a difference since they have plenty of room to get away from each other. We have too many roosters and are planning on processing them since we can't find anyone to take them. Was just hoping to make it work for at least one :(

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