Introducing the new brood... (PICTURES)


9 Years
Feb 3, 2010

Here we have what I think are our Barred Rock's offspring. LOL There are a whole bunch with WHITE on their head, does this make them pullets or cockerels? I also noticed the ones with the white head are feathering out way faster than the rest of the blacks... Help?

Then we have this cute bunch of REDS... A couple of them have a hint of feathering on their feet. Only ONE has the chipmunk coloring going on, the others... well the others are mutts I suppose. (They're all mutts)


The rest are all blondies, and I have a couple that look WHITE... I have to corral those and take a picture of them. TWENTY-SIX Chick is proving to be a lot of work. Fortunately for me I'm a slow learner and have the incubator all fired up - AGAIN. LOL
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So, you're saying I have a bunch of ROOSTERS? HA! I guess I'll have to start looking into "preparing meat birds."

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