Introducing the New Roo


9 Years
Jun 3, 2011
I just picked up a 5 month old RIR to go with my 6 4 month old Golden Comets. I tried putting them together after a short time of separation and all was well until one of the girls tried to eat when he was eating. He jumped on her and chased her off, and then everything was fine again. I'm guessing that they'll sort this out themselves, but I'm still keeping them separated unless they are supervised. Is there anything else that I should be doing or is this the right way?

I would put them together all the time; they need to get a pecking order. If you keep putting them together then taking them away from each other it will just take longer for them to get their social order figured out, just watch them closely so no one gets really hurt but I doubt it will ever get that bad they just need to get used to each other.
I turned them out in the yard together and they seem to get along fine, but the girls are quite fearful of him when they are in the run and coop. He is quite a food hog and doesn't want them eating when he is. All of the girls pick a corner and stay there most of the time while he roams around the run. I guess that they will eventually be less afraid of him.

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