Introducing week olds with 3 week olds


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I got 2 new week old chicks yesterday and put them in the brooder with my 12 - 3 week old rsl. One of the new ones jumped right in and started eating with the 3 week olds but the other one just kind of sat there while the others pecked at it. I took it out and put it in it's own box for the night until I could research the proper technique. It is kind of weak and not walking around much, but it did make it throught the night. Should I put it back in with the others?
Can anyone answer this? Should I keep them together or seperate a 4 day old due to pecking from the 3 week olds?
You can introduce them a little at a time and I would think they would get used to each other. Another way is to put something in the pen where the smaller chicks can hide or get away from the bigger ones.
thats a tough one I'm new also but from what I've read you want to separate the older ones from the new one until they get large enough to fend for itself. but there will always be a pecking order as with dogs the alfa hen will let the new chick know who's boss . its just a matter of the new hen being able to take what the much larger hen is dishing out. and like pure country said a place for the smaller chick to hide would be good too.
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Just last week, I put my 2 day old chicks in with my 4 week old chicks. I had no problems whatsoever. Actually, my 4 week old chicks were afraid of the 2 day olds. I was quite comical. I kept a very close eye on them all day long just to be sure. This is the second time I have done this with different age chicks and have not had a problem.

I don't know if others have had issues with this or not.

Hope this helps!
Sorry, I didn't read your entire post when I posted. If you have a chick that is weak, I would be especially careful. Are you able to keep it separate until it is stronger?
Yes I have separated it, but it continues to get weaker. Not sure it is going to make it. When I checked her this morning, she was face down in the hay. I picked her up and she was still alive. Is there anything I can do?
When I introduce new birds to the flock regardless of age I put them in a wire cage were they can be seen by the other birds but neither can get to the other. I leave them in there for about a week then let them out after the flock has gone to roost. For the little guys I put down some branches in the corner of the coop that they can easily climb thru but is difficult for a bigger bird to navagate. So far I have not had any problems. They still need to know there pecking order but none have been injured in the process. dc
I agree with the other posts. The first time I introduced my chicks to my hens, the hens would come over to look at them then run away. Since they are only a couple of weeks difference in age it should'nt be a problem. You may want separate the sick chick for a couple of days and have plenty of feed and water for it. Try some oatmeal.

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