Introducing year old RIRs to my 4 month old Austras

I have 4 four month old Australorps raised from baby chicks. One is a sweet rooster. Someone I know has to get rid of her 15 month old rhode Island reds because of neighbor issues. She has seven and I was considering taking two.
The Aussie rooster and one hen stick together. One other is kind of a loner, last on pecking order, but befriended by another hen. They all get along, and roost tight together.
My thought for getting 2 more is giving the rooster more birds to bother with, so less pressure on the 3 hens I have now. They aren't mating yet.
I don't want to upset the cart with the four I have. I would love to hear other's experiences with introducing older hens into a new flock, and what issues may arise. I would first be sure they are healthy.

Lost praetorian

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Aug 4, 2021
From my experience, my Rhode island reds weren't all that mean when I put in my Brahma bantams and red stars.
I've got one red left in a flock of twenty-five, and she acts as the peace keeper, oftentimes running around the yard to investigate and strange noises.
But I'd say go for it; since your flock is small, bullying won't be a problem with only 2 newbies.


Jan 30, 2021
Houston, Texas
Put them together and watch them for at least 30 minutes.
If they don’t fight, you’re probably good.

If they do, you have to do the see-no-touch method. You can place them in a sizable pen or crate in the coop for a week so they can coexist together, and maybe they’ll learn to get along.

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