Introducing young ducks to adults

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Nov 29, 2018
I've just introduced my 4 young ducks to my 3 adults. The usual stand off ish behavior went on assuming the pecking order of things, BUT... Then I noticed my 2 adult males were gunning for one particular young duck, just to realize one of them mated with it (now realize of course it is a she)
As she is only 2 months old (has 98%of her feathers) so I'm concerned that shes still too young for such behavior and that she will be harmed from mating so soon.

I've now separated them again

Any advice or experiences you have had I'd appreciate hearing. Tia

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Yes don't let your 2 month old be with mature drakes she needs to be at least 4.5-5months old before. Hopefully she is okay. Even when you do release her your going to have to watch closely drakes can gang up on young females or any female and even drown if they gang rape in water.


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