introducing younger chicks to the flock?

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    Jan 16, 2014
    im not sure if im posting this in the right spot or not but im looking for advice on how old chicks should be before being introduced to the rest of the flock and how to go about it. i have 12 adults in the coop and run area along w a few ducks my babies are almost six weeks old and they are in a small pen attached to the main pen so they can see eachother thru the fence they have been there for two weeks already and im wondering if they are too young to transfer into the main pen w the rest of the birds?
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    It really depends on your set up. Space and hideouts are critical when there is such a size difference. If you have a lot of space, and a lot of hideouts, and you have some times to supervise them, you could give it a try.

    However, what generally happens is people wish that chickens will all just be nice and get a long, a LONG time before chickens agree to it. If your current set up is working, I would wait at least another month, and really closer to 2 - 3 months...... when the babies are 4 months old.

    You might get lucky, but you could lose some in a pretty vicious attack.

    Mrs K

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