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Dec 28, 2020
Good morning,
I got my chickens, 12 of them, in March of this year when they were but a day old. I have 6 ISA Browns, three RIRs and three Buffs. One of the Rhode Island Reds turned out to be a rooster 'Ben' (because he's not a hen :))
I built a Really Nice coop and 375 square foot fenced in area for them, they are All Very happy and a joy to behold.
I'm a retired international airline captain and enjoy all sorts of hobbies; flying, woodworking, motorcycling, whittling, and my Golden Retriever Amber (photos upon request :cool:), etc, etc, etc
I found you during a Google search for 'Dirty Eggs' and found your response to be Very Helpful! Thank you!
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