8 Years
Mar 12, 2011
Covington, LA
I have a 2 yr old tom that has been running with my chickens since hatching. I was offered a hen of same age and breed. Should I expect any trouble when they are introduced? Also, my male has gotten along fine with my chickens other than the occasional scrap during feeding time. Is he going to become agressive once the female is added to the flock? Any other issues I havent thought of, please bring to my attention. Thanks
My gander is a lot more agressive when he's with his goose than when he's alone. Just thought it a possibility that a tom might become more agressive when he gets a female that he might feel possessive of.
Most turkeys don't get very aggresive. They may get a little standoffish if you are interfering with his relations. There are a few stories on this site about aggresive turkeys, however.

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