Is 2 eggs in a day bad?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by babyrnlc, Feb 2, 2011.

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    My cornish laid an egg yesterday, I checked the nest last at 4 pm. Her egg was the only one all day. This morning I went out at 7 am and found the two frozen eggs. (Two hens) so she laid this morning (or last night). Well dh went out to check the water and there was another light brown egg (The cornish) around 2:15pm. So we got 3 eggs today from 2 chickens, in the middle of a blizzard.

    Is it bad if they lay 2 eggs in the same day?
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    In my opinion it is not real good if it is consistent. If it occurs occasionally I would not worry about it. If they are just starting to lay I would not worry about it.

    Their internal egg laying factory is set up to release one yolk at a time and for that egg to take about 25 hours on average to work its way all through their internal egg laying factory. The next yolk is released to start its journey about the time the first one is laid. It is not exact. Some release that second yolk about the same time each day and some seem to wait until the first egg is laid.

    Sometimes their internal egg laying factory messes up. This is not at all unusual in pullets just starting to lay. They have not completely debugged their egg laying hardware or software. Sometimes it can happen to an older hen. When they release two yolks closer together, you might get a double yolker. If there is more time between the release, you get two eggs in one day. Usually, if they lay two eggs in one day, the shell gland does not have enough time to prepare enough shell material for the second egg so it is often soft shelled or thin shelled. When they lay double-yolked eggs or two eggs in one day, they usually skip laying the next day.

    Different things can cause this in an older hen. Sometimes their internal egg laying factory never gets the kinks worked out of it. Stress can cause problems. I think too much light can cause this. Not sure on that one. My memory is not always the best. If the hen is getting too much protein, she can release too many yolks.

    If this is a rare occurrence, don't worry about it. If it is an older hen and is consistent, there may be something there.

    Good luck.
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    Happy to have found this thread, as I'm going through a similar thing. [​IMG]

    I just found two light green eggs in the nest boxes today, and we only have one light green layer! Lola, our Easter Egger who has only been laying for a couple of weeks, lays a light sage green egg. Yesterday, we found the first egg laid by our other EE, which turned out to be a bright olive color. When I got home from work today, there were two sage eggs, four brown, and no olive at all. [​IMG] I checked the nest boxes this morning, before work, and there were no eggs laid, so these eggs were definitely laid today sometime between 7:15am and 2:30pm. The girls are just starting to lay. Some started in January, others we're still waiting on. You can see the list of breeds in my sig line. One of the eggs looks like a regular Lola egg, but the second is slightly mottled in coloring, and if anything, the shell actually looks thicker, especially on the pointy end where the color actually looks more concentrated. So either Lola puled a double or we have a hidden EE in the flock!

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