Is Anyone Intersted in these Bantam Breeds???


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Aug 18, 2008
I was just wondering if anyone on here was interested in these breeds of bantams: Black Dutch , Black Tailed Buff Dutch, Black Breasted Red Dutch, Light Brown Dutch , Self Blue Dutch, and different Milli Fleur? Thanks!!
I love my BTB Dutch to pieces...He is the sweetest roo...Wish I had some girls for him but can't get anymore chicks til Spring. I do have 2 Porcelain Dutch's but they pretty much ignore him for the BTB Jap. So sad huh.
I'm interested in the Milli Fleur.
Depends on the quality and where they came from.

I already have some Cream Light Brown and Blue Cream Light Browns that are from Show lines. I love Dutch and really want to have a pen of every variety.

WOULD BE NICE if you could post some pic's .....and are you willing to sent eggs or day old chicks and $$$$$ would be nice to know also LOL
I dont think he was asking because he has something to sell. I think he was trying to generate conversation about the breed. I just looked at the website. Looks like most everything is sold out until 2009.
I have pics just havent gotten them uploaded today, i will post asap. they are very nice quality birds. thanks for your quick responses tho..
what website? i didn't see a link for any website.

why would u post in the buy sell trade forum if u didn't have anything for the breed available and if u only wanted a conversation on a breed??

is it just me or is everyone else confused too??

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