Is barring a dominant trait?

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    I think I have read that barring is a dominant trait? Is this true of all barred breeds? I am just about to hach date on some babies who are a cross of a Golden Campine roo and a variety of hens. Is there a site or even a thread that shows what traits are dominant such as comb type, color, etc.? Thanks.....
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    There are two different barring in chickens. One is sex linked barring as found on Barred Rocks, Cuckoo Marans. Campines have a completely different barring often called Autosomal Barring however IIRC it requires the presence of several other genes to express as they do on Campines otherwise the barring is very incomplete. AB is considered an recessive but it is highly interactive with various genes, so either it won't show up at all in some crosses and show up very variably in others, depending on what other genes the other parent has.

    There was a site that listed genetics however it seems to have been taken down. Hopefully someone else will know of other sites or pages.

    Edited to add that sex linked barring IS dominant, with a dose effect. Roosters with just one barring gene tend to be "dark" with sparse barring.
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