Is a rip off? :mad:


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Aug 20, 2008
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Ok so back story here. I bought some Japanese Bantam eggs from a guy on eggbid. I'm on day 19 now and I've gone from 10 eggs, to 3 that looked even fairly fertile when I candled yesterday.

Do you think I got ripped off? Should I ask for more eggs or a partial refund? I've been meticulously turning the eggs, and fussing over temperature, humidity, etc for the last 3 weeks and if I'm lucky I may get one bird out of these (I paid 25 bucks overall too). :mad:

Suggestions? Comments? Advice?
If the eggs were shipped then you can't really hold the seller responsible. There is no telling what happened to them on the way to you.
Sorry though, I hope the rest turn out for you. :aww
Another thing that you need to know is, with Japanese bantams, they have a lethal gene combination that will kill the embryos. 25% lethal, then 50% will be regular, and 25% will have longer legs than acceptable.

Shipped eggs are always a gamble. I've had great hatches and I've had some where none at all hatched (even though they did develop).
When you buy hatching eggs and they are shipped eggs it's a toss up if they will hatch out...I've had zero hatches from shipped and 100% hatches... Once they leave the sellers hands anything can happen.

That's why buyers say all the time I can't guarantee/promise you will get a hatching....
Its a gamble when you order eggs, first you have no idea how old the eggs are, or if their fertile. Then you deal with the post office, shipping and handling. So many factors have to play out when ordering eggs. The first step is to find someone you trust, to get you exactly what your paying for. I have gotten rotten eggs mixed in with good eggs, wonder were the rotten ones came from if the collect twice a day. These sellers can type anything, and its to bad for the honest sellers.
Its to easy for the dishonest sellers to blam the post office, and your incubating habits to get by with selling bum eggs, they got your money, and they got rid of the bad eggs.

Remember there are good sellers out there, and I think that buying on BYC is fairly good, cause if someone was selling bad eggs, we all would know pretty quick.
I always buy shipped eggs on ebay. I had 0-100% hatch rates. Alot of things can happen to shipped eggs. Box kicking, x-rays and package hockey (post office workers favorite). I never tried eggbid.
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I've bought many a hatching egg and had them shipped to me. Some breeds are harder to hatch than others so keep that in mind too. That and there's no telling what may have happened to the eggs in shipping. I've received some that were picture perfect and also received some that the box got jumbled or even squashed and eggs were broken. Its a gamble with shipping.
i had 0 hatch from three batches of shipped eggs. i had a seller from ovabid stiff me the eggs completely. if you buy eggs when the temps hot you really have the odds stacked against you. i am trying shipped eggs one more try but i have spent so much money that i would have been better of ordering chicks. the postage cost alone adds up quickly.
Just like everybody else said, when you buy shipped eggs you are taking a risk. There are many things that can happen during shipping that can make the eggs inviable. Some wont even show any signs of fertility. They could be shooken around, thrown around, jarred, all of which could scramble the yolk, tear open the air sac, or tear open the membrane. A good saying for shipped eggs is to not pay more than your willing to lose. This year I have had 2 different batches from the same seller get shipped to me, out of a total of 16 eggs, only 1 hatched, and died a week later. Out of 16 only 4 eggs developed.

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