Is fibro a gene that can be diluted?


Nov 8, 2017
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So the FIBRO Gene will go to the female babies? I am about to breed my FIBRO EE Roo, and was praying the gene would pass to his offspring
From the father, yes. Fibro is dominant but it is only expressed with the dermal melanin gene, which is sexlinked. If the hen you are breeding him with has dark shanks, all offspring will be fibro (unless he has only one copy of the gene. Then it will be fifty percent.)
Yes there are varying dilutions of Fibro.


Jul 16, 2009
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Fibromelanosis(Fm) is an Autosomal incompletely dominant mutation as with many other genes it can be enhanced or inhibited, the most powerful inhibitor is the Sex Linked Dermal Inhibitor Id, males that inherit the Id from their dame will have clear/white skin and their sisters Will inherit their Cemani sire Id+ so they have black skin, this Cross is a Sex Linked due to Id vs id+

With the right genetics Even F1s can be as black as pure Cemani

Sex Linked Barring is linked to dermal Inhibitor(ld) very close with a chance of 1% of crossing over and recombining with id+(it has been done with barred silkies), so the chance of barred Cemani using Barred Rocks is exceptionally low
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