Is it a he or a she?


5 Years
Jun 8, 2014
We are still pretty new to raising chickens. We bought our first 4 babies in April and 3 of them ended up being cockerels (we only want hens). We then had one lonely chicken and 3 new babies. Now those new babies are almost 4 months old. Our oldest hen is almost 6 months old and is a Dorking. Two of the younger ones are Rhode Island Reds. We are pretty positive those are both Pullets. Our Silver Laced Wyandotte is making us wonder though. "She" is sounding like a goose these days. We really hope we
did not end up with another cockerel. What do you all think?

With wattles and comb that red, and wattles that developed, if the Silver Laced Wyandotte in your pic is only 4 months old, it is a male.
Thank you for the reply. I could not get your link to work, but I think I still found the site. I do not see the 4 month old cockerel, but I see a pullet. I may be looking in a different spot.

I redid my math and "she" is actually only 3 months and 1 week old. Do you still think it is a she?
After I posted the link I checked it and saw it wasn't working. The pictures do not say four month old cockerel it just says cockerel. That is why I posted a photo of the cockerel. Usually male adult plumage starts showing by about four to six weeks. So yes I feel confident it is a pullet even at three months and one week old.
Yeah, because we are quite fond of her and don't want to have to give her away. Her voice is very goose like. Is this common? I could not find anything anywhere that talks about their voices. Hers is much deeper then our other pullets at the same age.

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