Is it a roo?

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Sep 29, 2009
I hope some one can help me. I was told that I have cochins, and females. Three have a much larger comb and waddle than the other 3. Is this a tell-tale sign that they are roo's? Also, is this really a cochin? I haven't found any pictures of cochins that look like mine. They are only 7 weeks old. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks a lot!! I can't quite figure out how to post pics yet, but once I do, I'll get some up.
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Do you have bantam or standard?
Did your chicks ever look like this (any color)

I think this is about 4 weeks old. She's a standard cochin. Girls can have different size wattles & combs. A good sign that they are roos is lots of "play fighting", but girls do it sometimes too.
If you can figure out the pics that would help immensely.
I think this should help:

Hint.... when you post a link for a pic, just paste the link in your post, highlight the whole link and then click on the Img button

BTW... one the black and whit ones, I think these are the ones you are asking about right?, I see 2 hens and a roo.
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If thats a roo, then I have 2 more that look exactly like that one. I was told they were all hens. What are the other tell-tale signs that they are roos? Is this gonna be a problem for me, having more than 1, also I don't want any fertilized eggs yet since this is my first time.
I could be totally wrong though, wait for a real expert
But when compared to the 2 others that one is more red in the face than the other two. I can't see any tell-tell signs in the feathers but that may be because of bad eyesight and a fuzzy monitor
Well thanks for your info. I thought that they were roos also. I'm gonna just take them back to where I got them and ask, that's all I can do. Thanks a bunch:lol:

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