Is it because of the age or... (different farm chicks)


7 Years
Apr 1, 2014
I got some additional birds from a different farm than my almost-2w-olds and some of them are bigger/older and some are the same age as the ones I have had already.

But holy cow do they smell bad. And they poop way different (more b/c bigger of course but different shades, etc). Is it a gut bacteria thing or just because they are older?

No one has had this with different sets of birds?
separate the new ones from the old ones! Something is going on here. The new ones may be sick.
You are very wise to be concerned. Take your concerns over to the sickness and emergency thread.
Here it is.
title it something like
911 - Added new chicks and they stink with strange poop!
Whatever it is may be contagious so while you deal with the stinky ones, keep an eye out on your
original chicks for anything different. The ER folk may tell you to treat them all, .
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