Is it better to have 1 or many???


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Mar 1, 2011
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Not sure where I should be posting this. So I am wanting to get 6 chicks. I was thinking of getting 5-6 diff breeds. Is it better to get all the same or only 2 different breeds. Or can you have 1 of many? Thanks so much.
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It depends on your goals. Will you have a rooster? Do you want to have eggs to hatch. In that case, do you mind having a lot of mixed breeds?

If you are going to have all girls, I wouldn't think it matters much. I have four birds, three different kinds.

There are probably lots of other answers to your question, but here's one to start with
Nope no rooster here in this yard. Just some happy girls. So it wouldnt be a big deal to have 5-6 different breeds? Very cool. I told my husband I better stop looking at all the different breeds as I will get more then 6 an well the city might start to complain. haha I dont even have chickens yet and this is a HUGE addiction. Lord have mercy. lol
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If you're not getting a rooster I'd get as many breeds as you like! Keep in mind that some breeds tend to get picked on. I've heard that Polish and silkies get picked on because of their "funny tophat" of feathers. The other chickens that don't have one pick their feathers out on their head. Other than that go hog wild. I have WR, BR, RIR, Cuckoo Marans, cochins, minorca, leghorn and use to have EEs too, all in 1 coop. have fun.

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