Is it better to make your own chicken feed?

To avoid soy, GMOs, and because they LOVE the variety.

It is also fun to mix in the garage in the morning, children asleep, peace and quiet!
Howdy ,
Late last nite I ran across your feed mix . I would like to be able to do the because I have a variety of birds that would enjoy the different seeds . For my chickens and pigeons I buy chops and a pigeon pellet that is similar to a laying pellet . I cut the pellets with a little bit of chops per serving . For the pigeons I add popcorn , a green pea and a split pea as a treat . I pay $10 per 50# on both chops and pellets , the others I get at the grocery store . What is your biggest expense , shipping or a particular seed ,if I may ask ?

My wonderful wife , two mutts , 1 African Grey ,1 Blue Crested Conure , 1 Green Quaker , 1 yellow parakeet , 10 golden laced wyandottes , 1 RIR , 1 Barred Rock , 1 Silver Sebright , 12 Indian Fantail , 12 Modena , 4 solid white racing homer , 4 laced Satinette pigeons and 1 Brown Sexlink ......... whewwwwwwww lol
I buy everything at the feed store except the split peas, peanuts, and flax seeds (I buy them at a grocery store bulk bin section by the bag).

Here are my prices from several months ago because it lasts so long:
barley 24 cents/lb
oats .23
corn org. .40
millet .32
wheat .30
sun seeds .50 (oh wait this has gone up a little)
flax .69
pump. seeds 1.45
peanuts unsalted 1.32
split peas .46
There is organic soy in the organic chick starter that I buy for the ones up to 6 weeks old. The organic layer pellets I buy on occasion (haven't bought any in awhile) have it too. They don't sell organic grower here.

Organic foods aren't allowed to have GMOs.

Sorry I missed your post earlier. I was just rereading the thread and came across it.

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