Is it easy for ducks to choke??


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Apr 6, 2013
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I am wondering if I can feed scraps to my ducks as I plan on doing with my chickens. I always have water available, but for some reason I am always afraid the ducks are going to choke. Should I be worried??
never feed ducks if they don't have water near that allows them to stick their head in. They can choke if the pieces are too large..i feed mine duck food and also peas, bits of sweet potato that is cooked, meal worms and lettuce (romaine) or spinich that is chopped up very small..but when i feed the lettuce items like that i float the pieces in water so they don't choke.
You have already been given good advice. If water is present and it is very small pieces, it is fine. :)

One thing I wanted to add is to make sure that these are healthy snacks for your chickens and ducks. Although they will eat nearly everything put in front of them, many things are not healthy, and can be detrimental to their health and longevity. Finely chopped fruits and veggies are mostly good, as well as various worms and fish. Some things to avoid are bread of any kind, cookies, etc. As a rule, try to avoid anything processed as well.

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