Is it Failure to Thrive? (4 1/2 WK old Pullet is too small)


8 Years
May 25, 2011
We have 4 (of 6) Golden Comets left after 4 and a 1/2 weeks. The runt never grew and died after a couple of days. One flew out of the brooder at less than 2 weeks old and died when our Daschund discovered her in the garage. It was pretty traumatic. The wire mesh cover immediately got put over the brooder.

Now we only have 4 left and we are very attached to them. They are pets. From the beginning there were two very large pullets. They continue to be huge and grow very quickly. The remaining two have been smaller, but not overly so.

A week ago we moved all of them to a larger brooding area in the garage because they were too cramped. Now one of the smaller two chicks is growing, although still not as huge as the other two. The other one, Daniella, however, is just not getting bigger. She just LOOKS kind of sickly and rough and thin next to the other 3. She moves around, eats, sleeps with the others.

The only things I remember being different with her are that, from the beginning, she poops on me every single time I hold her.
Once, a couple of weeks ago, we noticed her vent being pinkish and a bit swollen. There is like a little puffy area (the size of a pencil eraser or smaller) on the top that appears that maybe it shouldn't be sticking out, but it's not very noticeable at all. There's no blood or anything like I've read on some posts here.

They have all been outside in a fenced area to graze and scratch a few times. Afterward, they seemed to get runny stools after that so we gave them some plain greek yogurt for the probiotics. Other than that, they are on chick starter food. The first bag we got was medicated, but I'm not sure the one we have now is. I have mixed a small amount of grit and food grade Diatomaceous Earth into their food. My husband and son do feed them crickets, worms, and other bugs on occasion. I hope it's not too soon for that.

Is there anything I should give Daniella like Gatoraide for electrolytes or extra protein? We will probably move them all outside to their coop this weekend. They will be 5 weeks old and the temp. is now in the 80s in the daytime. We will use their red heat lamp at night and try to keep them in the covered area and block off the run until they are a bit older. SHOULD I KEEP DANIELLA INSIDE or move her out with the others?

Thanks for any advice you can give a "new egg."
I would scramble her some eggs. I also make oatmeal with peanut butter and yogurt mixed in it. They all like it. You might also give her some water with vitamins and electrolytes in it. I would keep her separate, just because she isn't feeling well, and we are not sure what is wrong with her.

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