Is it illegal to purchase or sell feathers?

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7 Years
Sep 16, 2012
Only asking because i dont want any trouble with some phony baloney law that i cant and if i can were can i get them just plain ol chicken feathers best circumstances they are hen(usally softer) chest feathers(the softest). please no internet links to shipping that asks for a debt or credit card

ps i want to use them for my hens nest
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As far as I know, it's not illegal to purchase feathers or to sell them (except maybe federally protected species, e.g. we're not supposed to have real eagle feathers in our possession to my knowledge via what a game warden supposedly told someone we knew); people use them for fly-tying and other crafts (come to think of it, you may could check some craft stores but will they have what you want? Will it be expensive? Don't know). But I've never found a place who sells them. Maybe you could ask on Craigslist locally, some people butcher their own birds which leaves a lot of feathers.. Why use them for a hens nest?

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I would check a craft store. You can also buy them on ebay. And no, as long as they aren't from wild birds there should be no laws against it.

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