Is it illegal to sell eggs that are not certified?

Farmer Mike S

7 Years
Oct 18, 2012
Glen Mills, PA
I got some extra eggs I got to sell , and I don't get enough eggs to even consider getting certified. But I'm wondering if its legal to sell my eggs to people without being certified?

Also if I do sell my eggs and someone gets sick (my eggs are safe but you never know...), can I be sued?
I sell mine in TN, $3/doz. Farm Fresh and have most bring me cartons to fill. I do wash mine and sanitize for selling..
I think laws vary from state to state, but as long as you are a small operation, and you are selling from your home/farm, you do not need to be licensed/certified. I do not know anything about the legal side, but I do imagine that if someone was to get sick, they could sue you- maybe if you include a disclosure ( ex- you are buying these eggs at your own risk, from your knowledge they are healthy, but you can't be 100% certain) this could help protect you?

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