Is it just me, or is the market flooded with BCMs...


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Jan 15, 2008
Central Florida
Is it just me, or does NO one want Black Copper Marans any more? I have about 6 or 7 pairs that I have been trying to sell for months, and I rarely get any calls and havent had one buy. Or am I doing something wrong? I have birds staight off of Bev's line (but it seems like everyone does now) and I cant get anything for them? I need to move them & are trying to sell them to the general public...what should I ask? Thay lay gorgeous dark eggs.

Any insight into this situation is greatly appreciated, I would love to hear that *I* am doing something wrong because I am getting very much overwhelmed because I cant afford these giants any more...they are eating me out of house and home!


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Jun 6, 2010
im in the market for BCM eggs right now, lol. and finding that they are harder than you think to aquire! if i were closer... i would take your girls for you! sorry you are having issues!

Lil' Roo

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Jul 25, 2010
I guess it depends where you are. I would love tohave them and have trouble finding good ones.


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Dec 26, 2008
Box Springs
heres my take on it-

a friend of mine breeds BC and Cuckoo Marans. She has beautiful birds. . . I have about six that I got as chicks from her. The rooster ( yes, lucked out and only had one!) has too much brown on his chest. I asked her how she gets her breeding roo's.... she said it takes upwards of 40 to find a really really nice one that is worth replacing her current roo. Thus leaving 39 nice, but sub par by standard for her program chickens. I think that they may process their culls over there- I'm not 100 percent sure- but in any event she's not breeding them!

now take the every day ( or beginner) breeder- like me!- I have 5 BCM pullets and one (not to standard) roo. I plan on culling him eventually but for now he's in my olive egger pen. Had I put him in with my BCM pullets I'd be producing more and more not to standard chicks- who would need to be sold. As chicks you can't really tell if they will be to standard or not.

So i guess the short of it is market is flooded with about 70 % birds needing to be culled- if you wanted to actually BETTER the lines and breed to standard. 30% of the birds are nice.

I don't care who's lines they come from- if you breed enough birds with faults, you're bringing the quality in your particular strain of the line down.

And where is central florida? anywhere near Crestveiw?


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Apr 7, 2010
Lowndes County Ga
Central Fl. covers a large aera ,, may be interested in a trio and make trips to Belleview about once a month . I wnnt to the personal page and it said to go to the BCM page for more info ,, couldn't find a BCM page. So email me about location and price and age of the BCM's.


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Aug 15, 2010
West Michigan
Did you try listing your birds on Craigs List? Also, up here in my area of West Michigan there's a weekly flea market, farm animal trade/sale that always has chickens. Maybe there's something like that in your area?


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Apr 14, 2007
Oh, how I wish I could find a few nice pullets/hens near me.. I paid 25$ for each pullet, I would have purchased more but that's all she had.. They aren't show quality, just wanted a few really dark eggs.. Check w/ your AG dept and see if you have a publication that excepts ads for Agri related items.. That might be a good starting point for selling them. Here in NC it's called the Agricultural Review.. I know SC and GA each have one...

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