Is it just my ducks......or ??


10 Years
Sep 6, 2009
are all ducks not so bright. ???

I let them out this morning, and I always put their feed in their dish, as they are watching me,
this morning, OBLIVIOUS, more then usual.
They saw me put the food in, I'm sure they did, if they didn't, I know they heard it, as I shook the container with the food.

they kept walking by their dish, quacking , loudly.
They still haven't noticed.
and they are usually super hungry in the mornings, and can't eat fast enough.

so who has the bigger brain, the chicken or the duck ???
oh, I don't know if they need a break, they love their duck pellets. I think mine get so blinded by wanting to get to their pond.

I've tried giving them fresh, peas, etc, they could care less. ????
Can you provide them with an "indoor" water park? I used to fill a small kiddie pool and put it in the heated garage for a refresher.
I know !!
when I read the ducks really love peas, I took them out a dish, nothing. not even a nimble. All i could think of was , what a waste. I LOVE PEAS !! HAHA
so , they are fine, they finally found the food.

they are now on the pond, happier then pigs in mud.

I just think they simply, are not the brightest.
But, I still love em'
My ducks wouldn't eat peas either until today. I decided to sprinkle a few in their water and they ran over each other to get them. So now I'll be switching their daily treat from lettuce only and give them peas every other day.

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