is it normal for my hens to sound squeaky?


Jul 4, 2021
2-3 of my hens have been sounding high pitched for a few weeks now. I don't wish to automatically assume they're sick like ive done in the past. I much rather breathe and take things so this time. I don't notice any of them sick. Everyone is eating and drinking (at least from what im trying to study) nothing unusual to add on to my anxiety. is this normal? If is a stress thing, what can I do to fix this? they all have space, feed, clean, water, clean nesting boxes all the necessities needed.
Chickens make a large variety of noises, and tend to get noisier the closer they get to laying age. How old are they?
I often grab a chair and sit in the run in the farthest corner to avoid stressing them out to study their behavior. I fear not paying attention to them and missing something. I really dont notice anything off they all run around in their funniest of ways. mostly all of them love to come near to me and peck at my boots and fly onto my back.
I'd assume it's just them becoming more vocal as they approach laying. I'm sure there's tons of videos on YouTube showcasing different the different sounds they make. It's helpful for you to know the aerial predator call and stuff like that anyway.
Thank you. I will look into this.

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