is it normal?

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  1. I haven't gotten an egg since end of November. I have 8 RIRs, this is their second winter. They are from a breeder and started laying quite late (6-7 mos old). Always laid well, until the fall when I had a few broodies, then some started molting. I don't use light or heat, just let them go natural. Same feed as always: layer crumbles, oyster shell, plenty of water. Extra protein when they were molting.

    I know most chickens past their first winter take a break, but I didn't think it would be this long. Is this just how it goes? When do second year (and later) birds pick back up again?
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    in the spring when Daylight lengthens again. Or you could provide 14 hours (total) light for them.
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    All chickens are different, and no light? It could be awhile.
    You see chickens like light and that's why they lay, 14 hrs light good 8-10 hrs light bad.
    I think that this is just getting started for you........sorry, but hang in there!
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    Quote:Like you, I don't push them to lay with artificial light. I still get an egg every day or two, but not nearly as many as during the longer days. It's completely normal, and it's a good chance for their bodies to rest.
  5. Thanks for the feedback! As long as it's relatively normal, I'm fine with it. They laid all last winter, being their first winter, so I didn't expect that they would totally quit this season. They got through their moult just fine and are fat and happy again, lol. I don't mind waiting. [​IMG]
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    Temperature helps too. We had a warm spell here in Idaho this past week and one of my silkie pullets laid her first 2 eggs (No extra light in her cage). You've had quite a cold snap I hear.
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    I don't do artificial light either, of my two year old girls only my two Delewares are laying now. I didn't keep track of when they quit though. It's not particularly abnormal but it wouldn't hurt to do a general health check.

    Check their weight by feeling their keels and the flesh on either side. There is a natural variation betweens breeds and individuals but they should have a fair bit of flesh there.

    Look for lice/mites by taking a flashlight at night and looking at their skin around their bottoms especially.

    It wouldn't hurt to do a routine worming, especially if they're not laying because you won't have to throw out eggs. Or if you're not into preventative worming, take some poo in to do a fecal float test to check for them.

    Other than that, I think you're pretty safe. I know my girls like the time off, and I like not burying so many each year! They'll start up again soone enough. [​IMG]
  8. Trying giving them some warm water and some warm food.
    That has helped my egg production. I read on one of the posts here that someone gave their chickens oatmeal.
    My girls LOVE warm oatmeal and the warm water.
    They have cut back some, but, I am still getting a pretty good showing from the girls.
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    Are they in moult??? Second winter. Hhhmmmm??? Any signs of moulting? Feathers every where?? Sometimes it can be a light moult too.

    Maybe you could try giving a little catfood then. That's supposed to help speed up moulting due to the high protien.
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    i have 3 EEs 2 SLW and 1BLH and they all started laying really good the first of Jan and we also had a huge cold snap to come through here but it didn/t stop them at all. i had frozen eggs for a week that i had to feed the dog or back to the chickens but i was happy w/ production. i made up my own mix of layer pellets, layer crumbles, fancy scratch and 18% dry dog food and WOW i can tell the difference in the past 2 weeks! even jump started some banty hens to start laying again which i haven/t had in about 3 months.

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