Is it normal?


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6 Years
Aug 18, 2013
My neighbour has a male goose that hangs with the ducks and previously kicked out of the goose gang. He really thinks he is a duck and is now mating with them. Is that normal and will her eggs get fertilised by him?
Just my opinion but I would not let the gander breed the geese. Time to separate the ducks from the gander... That is what I would do in breeding season.
I agree with Miss Lydia. My muscovy drakes are about the same size as my ganders, but the muscovy penis is huge, the gander not. Can´t imagine it would do any damage. As for near-drowning, there´s no difference! And if the muscovies don´t like it, it´s not as if they can´t escape! Mine run like the clappers when the young drakes are trying to get them, the ganders would have no chance! I got rid of an extremely randy muscovy drake that was trying to mount my geese, though, he terrified them, they couldn´t out-run him.

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