Is it ok to use eggshells instead of oyster shells?


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Jul 23, 2016
One of my pullets just started laying and the other one is very close behind! I will start them on layer feed as soon as the other starts laying. I have a 50-pound bag left of chick start-grower so is it ok to mix it with the layer pellets?? Also are eggshells ok to feed them as an extra source of calcium, will they promote egg eating? I can't go to the feed store to get oyster shell. Is an extra source of calcium necessary?
When you feed layer feed, extra calcium is optional. But now, when you are feeding the starter/grower, supplemental calcium would be a good idea. If you crush the eggshell before you feed it to them, it shouldn't promote egg eating and would be fine to feed instead of oyster shell
For excellent egg layers, oyster shell will be needed, but not this week! The egg shells are metabolized too fast for the hen to have it available in the early morning when she's laying down the shell. There's research data on this! Your pullets, just starting to lay, will be fine for now, until you can get the oyster shell. Mary
I would not use egg shells as the chickens can start to eat the eggs. There is a way you can do it though. You have to crush and bake them first but not sure how to do it.
Nutritional deficiencies are what promote egg eating. It tends to be a seasonal problem: late winter, early spring. If you have a bird that lays weak shelled eggs, the flock will eat that egg, while leaving the rest of the eggs intact. Feeding crushed egg shells does not promote egg eating. I save all egg shells, and toss them into the run. A quick stomp breaks them up nicely. I also offer oyster shell in a bowl.

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