Is it okay to bleach a coop?

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Jul 24, 2009
We have a empty coop now since a lot of our chickens have died so we put the remaining ones in the other coop. We were thinking about starting a new flock in the coop so we want to disinfect the coop. So my question is: Is it okay to bleach a coop?
xxxx yes. Bleach breaks down almost immediately as its loses its irritating vapors and becomes a simple sodium.

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We do on a regular basis. Just let it air and dry out, before you let the chickens back in. We clean ours in the morning on a sunny day. The chickens get to go back in that evening.We bleach all the "furniture" too. roosts, nest boxes etc.
Thanks for asking that question.. I was wondering the same thing this morning
It's a waste of bleach for no extra disinfecting power, plus it will increase the length of time it takes for the bleach to break down and be safe for the chickens. The 10% solution will do the job.

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