Is it possibble to overcook soup beans?

Yes they can get overcooked, if so they get too soft and the skins fall of of them or split in half. The trick is never walk away from them and always know whats happening in the pot.

Yes you can. If you cook them too long, they sort of lose their bean shape and become like a paste.
Thanks guys. My bf wanted to try to make ham and beans. He put a whole 5 lb ham and a bag of beans with about two gallons of water in an electric roaster to cook all day and didn't want any input from me. Only advice I gave was to add a bay leaf and he didn't want to do that either.
He's at work and just asked me to check on them. I saw about 10 bean skins floating on top, still WAY too much water and the very tip of a ham sticking out. Oh well, you live and you learn. I messed up my first batch of beans too. I added the wrong spices I think and they were awful!

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