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    Is it possible to one day get a page link, that whenever you want to post a new topic on the Emergency thread it takes you directly to a "Fill out these Questions" page first, so it will help people know what advice to give them based on their answers. Perhaps it could also list the most common problems and a link to that related topic encase they want to look there first....?? I know there is the Sticky on the top of the page, but not many use it and some people don't know there is a search button. [​IMG]
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    The last time I suggested this (couple of years back) the consensus seemed to be that this might well be improbable (technically).

    In lieu of a `form' (from the Emergencies Sticky) that could be filled out and submitted for initial post, I'll just - copy/paste - substitute a list of questions that I'd like answered (pretty much same as sticky) and insert it into reply (If I don't get back to it someone else might).

    I also suggested:

    My frustration with the emergencies subject line isn't so much winnowing acute/traumatic from chronic/subsidiary but, rather, the paucity of information offered by members.

    If the sticky could be formatted so that it is made clear that those posting copy and paste the questions into their posts and answer, to the best of their ability, those relevant to their situation, a lot of `blue-skying'/`twenty questions' could be erased from the clock.

    Maybe title the sticky: `Read This or We'll Shoot Your Chicken'.


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    Just about every subject has been addressed (some more thoroughly than others) since 2007. The SEARCH FUNCTION IS VERY GOOD.​
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    Hummm. it would make it easier thou.....

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