Is it possible to hatch quail and ducks?


10 Years
Apr 15, 2009
I bought my new incubator. I bought some more coturnix eggs. I *really* want to buy some duck eggs... perhaps muscovy or call ducks. My new incubator is automatic turning (in a cradle). If i put them all in at once, the coturnix will hatch much sooner. If I do as usual and stop turning the eggs 3 days before hatch, then I would need to go in and hand turn the duck eggs.
I was wondering what would happen if the quail eggs continued to turn in the cradle during those three days, instead of me stopping turning. And I was wondering if there's anything so different between the incubation of duck and quail eggs that it wouldn't be possible to incubate both at one time anyway.

Is it stupid to incubate them at the same time? Is there anything I'm completely not thinking of that I should be?
When I do staggered hatches I quit turning the eggs. On day 16 or 17 of the quail hatch, stop the turner, let them hatch, take them out when done. Clean up their mess as best you can, and then start the turner back up. I would section them off for hatching so that they won't disturb the duck eggs, but other than that it should be no issue.

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